9jamigo – Boys Not Stop (Lyrics))

And we back on this again
We keep grinding boys not stop
Let’s go

I chase to get the bag
Wanna pull up in the Benz
F*k the f* kin f* the trek
Don’t want any fake friends
Kicked the ball into the net,and player knows I was the best.
Make this money wit big sense
I don’t want any f**k stress
Want the cash after business
F*k you n* if you’re useless
Fuck the broke,hey bruh,tell your bitches I’m the one.
Blessings,grace came from lord.
Your girlfriend back is just a load
Never ran from my n***
Never did that,never never.
Be betrayal, never never.
Make this money,forever and ever
Break girls heart,never never.
Stop the smoke,never never
Stop balling,never never
Drunk snoring,never never
Let em shake,pull the trigger.
Get big money trust my fingers
Drinking wine,smoking cigars
Wear the Gucci,wear the Prada.
Loose my shirt,and put on sandal.
Call my p**sy where’s my phone
Stop the driver straight to my home.
Oh God,bless my soul.
Want my money count wit dollar
Understand me,grinding for my mummy.
Get this money and feed my family.
And stop feeling badly
Big money came suddenly
Tats on my hand
F**k enemies that are around.
Boys not stop,keep hustling don’t give a f**k.
Big money shut down the club
Pour the wine into my cup
Just sip up,f**k the cops,never disrespect my boss.
Give devil n*gga a curse.
Boys are fraud,now I’m bored,smoking my weed now I’m lost.dont talk to me now I’m dump.
Talk bout money now I will jump.
Don’t disturb.

Oh boysnotstop boysnotstop boysnotstop
And keep grinding and we keep hustling boysnotstop
Boysnotstop boysnotstop
Hey bruh,hey bruh,Boys not stop

Out the glock and let me be shivering
F**k around wit my n*gga
Let em dance just play the guitar.
Never talk sh*t wit my damn mouth.
Cops coming n*gga run out
Make this money stop shouting.
No love n*gga stop laughing
Oh lord, I’m still starving.
Big money I’m dreaming.
Show me let me scream.
I know my dawg I know my team
Why always me,all the ass surround me.big money wit big plan.
F*ck you if you want me down .
I’m the king put on the crown.
When you see me head down.
Prostrate,and cooperate,want a big estate.
F** the hate,big deal lock the gate.
My voice Gonna make you shake.
F**k what you think what you mean no even can block my way.
No need visitors.always pray for my creator.stop asking me questions no one can change my behavior.
Living life like I want,smoke my blunt.
Want the private jet,full money in my pocket. I’m the king blow the trumpet.
Imma pull up on your bitch
How those n*gga got the fish,how n*gga they can’t teach.
Keep hustling I wanna rich
Who’s the pastor who wanna preach.
Talk bout money so that I can listen.
Wanna sleep wit the money and woke up wit big bag.all I wish my f*ckin self I wish my f*ckin those gang.
Wanna drip on drip
This so dope,f*ck the beef.light the smoke,wipe your throat,Iron the cloth,
Spray the paper on the boat,that’s my goal.Don’t want shawty leave me alone,
Even I don’t trust a hoe.


Boys not stop
we keep grinding and we keep hustling
Omg ohhh
Boysnotstop migo migo
Let’s go hey bruh let’s go

Yeah boysnotstop
Ah boysnotstop

And I’m crazy omg



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